Wordless Wednesday: Blooms and Blossoms

Crabapple Blossom | Horseradish & Honey Blog
Crabapple Blossom
Golden Alexanders Blooming | Horseradish & Honey Blog
Golden Alexanders Blooming
Brussels Sprouts in Bloom | Horseradish & Honey Blog
Brussels Sprout in Bloom
Ragwort Flowers | Horseradish & Honey
Ragwort Flowers (may be classified as a weed by some but beneficial for spring pollinators)
Dandelion Flower | Horseradish & Honey Blog
Dandelion Flower – Bees Love ‘Em
Wild Violets Blooming in the Grass | Horseradish & Honey Blog
Wild Violets Blooming in the Grass
Apple Blossom | Horseradish & Honey blog
Apple Blossom

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  1. Jules
    April 25, 2019

    Lovely. The spring flowers always feel like a special gift to me – one that hides a bit and you have to look for. Thanks for sharing them.

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