Five Minutes in the Garden: Monarchs, Hummingbird Moths, and Swallowtails

It’s the beginning of September and I know summer is coming to an end. While I enjoy the change in seasons, I’ve REALLY enjoyed all the birds, bees, and butterflies this summer—knowing my days of chasing monarchs and other pollinators around the garden are coming to an end makes me a bit wistful.

I was washing the dishes recently when I looked outside and noticed a monarch flying around. Clearly, the dishes would have to wait.

So I grabbed my camera and headed out to take a few pictures. And I certainly chose the right time to head out.

Five minutes in the garden yielded lots of great pics, including the following.

Pollinators Paradise | Horseradish & Honey
Zinnias are a pollinator’s paradise
Hummingbird Clearwing Moth on Butterfly Bush | Horseradish & Honey
Hummingbird clearwing moth…you can see through his wings!
Pink Zinnia Flower with Monarch Butterfly | Horseradish & Honey
Same monarch enjoying the zinnias
Pink Zinnia Flower with Black Swallowtail Butterfly | Horseradish & Honey
Swallowtail enjoying the zinnias, too