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  • Three monarchs in the garden this afternoon Nice day forhellip
  • Great spot  shelter from the chilly night and getshellip
  • Harvested some Egyptian walking onions today Left most of themhellip
  • Todays monarch horseradishandhoney cincygardenerinstagardener monarchbutterfly garden2017
  • Big bee small flower horseradishandhoney cincygardener growyourown backyardgarden growsomethinggreen ohiogardenhellip
  • October monarch horseradishandhoney cincygardener monarchbutterfly backyardgarden urbanorganicgardener growsomethinggreen organicgarden monarchhellip
  • Just whipped up a batch of gazpacho Half for myhellip
  •  horseradishandhoney cincygardener urbanorganicgardener growsomethinggreen organicgarden instagarden ohiogarden gardentotable garden2017hellip