Planting Shallots in Grow Bags

I love cooking with shallots because my husband isn’t a fan of onions, I generally only cook for the two of us, and we both like the milder flavor.

Shallots that you buy at the grocery or farmer’s market are so expensive.

So, I started growing shallots about 4 years ago. Can you say “money saver”? They’re super easy to grow and cost-effective (if you set aside 9 or so bulbs for the next round of planting).

Shallots can be picky about soil—they definitely like a light, well-draining soil. I usually grow shallots in one of my raised beds. However, this year I decided to use grow bags for fall-planted shallots. 

I have successfully grown Egyptian Walking onions, fingerling potatoes, and all kinds of peppers in grow bags and I’m relatively sure shallots will grow well in them, too.

This picture isn’t very exciting. But check back in the spring to see how my fall-planted shallot harvest turns out!

Spring Planting Advice…Straight From the Source

Hello to my fellow Ohio vegetable gardeners. If you’re new to gardening or just want an overview of when to direct sow some popular crops outside, this chart from the Ohio Farm Bureau provides great information.

Want More Seed Starting Dates?

If you want to take a deeper dive into starting seeds inside and outside Johnny’s Selected Seeds has an easy-to-use calculator that provides all the info you need to get your seeds started at the right time. The calculator includes dates for a variety of both vegetables (collards and kohlrabi, for example) and flowers like salvia and sunflowers. I used this calculator to help create my 2017 seed starting log, FYI.